In order to submit the variant you have to register and login  
You can find a register option in "graphic view of mutation" website

Go to "register" field - right top! After completion, chose login and give your login and password!

Once logged in, localize new variant in the gene by clicking on the appropriate exon/intron.
Now, put the cursor on the shade below selected nucleotide and click on it.

New window opens. Note that number and symbol of selected nucleotide is shown in the top right corner.
Start submitting mutation by clicking “Add mutation”.

Now several questions are asked. After answering each, press the blue arrow to continue.

When you reach the last question - which concerns MMP1 status, “save” button instead of right blue arrow is shown. Click it in order to safe your data.

Now your data has been submitted and sent to curators to approve them. After approval, they will be shown in the database.
Please note!
All data collected in the database are anonymous.
For this reason a separate agreement to place patient information in this database is not required.
In many countries there are separate rules on consent for the administration of anonymous medical data.
The duty of healthcare professional, who submits the data is to respect the relevant rules in their country.
Each patient entered into the database is registered by an individual number.
We suggest storing number provided by the database for the individual patient.
This number will be sent back to the submitter after curator’s approval of the submission.